Date Hiked
2 years ago
Trail Head
43° 52' 27.4945", -75° 34' 7.8502"

Hike to the summit of Blue Mountain. The trail was rugged and rocky, but well marked. It had rained the day before so everything was wet and muddy. I took a pretty relaxed pace and reached the summit in about 2 hours. On the summit is a old fire tower. The view from the fire tower is fantastic. (See the Photos!) 

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Points of Interest
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As you approach the summit the trees start clearing offering some great views of Blue Mountain Lake, Other peaks, and out to the horizon.

View as the trees start to thin.
43° 52' 16.7549", -75° 35' 51.7869"

Fire Tower at the summit offers some amazing views.

View from the Fire Tower
43° 52' 20.8055", -75° 35' 56.3831"